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Not Just Walter Reed

By Remy Benoit

Although that is no surprise, surprise is being declared.

From The Washington Post, Anne Hull, Dana Priest, and MSNBC Soldiers share troubling health care stories
‘It is not just Walter Reed,’ one vet says.

Also no surprise from The Washington Post, Karen DeYoung and Thomas E. Ricks, and MSNBC Backup strategy missing for Iraq
Outside experts, not the White House, are discussing options.

From CNN Army hospital scandal ignites outcry in Congress.

From the AP and Lawmakers to Hold Walter Reed Hearings.

From The New York Times and Truthout, a "Must Do" List The Must-Do List.

And these disturbing thoughts from Art Levine at The Huffington Post Lt. General "Coverup" Kiley: From Abused Detainees to Neglected Soldiers. From Anne Hull and Dana Priest at The Washington Post Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect Complaints About Walter Reed Were Voiced for Years. So, please dear Congressmen, no politics, no endless speeches - accountability and action to correct this. And if the troops have the materiel they need, maybe there would be less injuries? A schedule of withdrawl would go a long way, as would accurate intel on Iran. Indeed, only some of the people, some of the time. Enough. It is time for accountability and for a Just Foreign Policy.


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