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Care of Our Veterans

By Remy Benoit

Problems with care of our Veterans is nothing new; it is as old as having Veterans. BUT now we have no excuse to 'not know' so now is the time to do something about it.

From the Lawrence Journal World - Kansas, an Editorial Only the Best - Americans should be united in their disgust of squalid housing conditions for some wounded soldiers receiving outpatient treatment at a respected Army hospital.

From the Chicago Sun-Times, an Editorial Shameful treatment of injured GIs should have us up in arms.

From, Ken Fireman, and the Bloomberg News Furor at Walter Reed spawns probes, attacks.

It is baffling why this information is being treated as a surprise as it is of long, long standing. The thing now is for YOU to not let the care of our Veterans be 'played politics' but fixed.

That also goes for the supplies for the troops, for the resolution of the horror in Iraq, for no war with Iran without truly righteous reasons, real intel, and real diplomacy.

Only YOU can demand that those things be done in the proper way. If you do, current Vets will get treatment, active duty soldiers will get what they need, and we won't be wantonly making new Veterans.

From the AP and Military's Toughest Home-Front Problem.

From Tom Paine and Elizabeth Spiro Clark A Chance To Avoid War With Iran.

And from Vermont, Common Dreams, The Nation and John Nichols Vermont Puts Impeachment on the Table.


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