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By Remy Benoit

From The Washington Post, Thomas E. Ricks and Ann Scott Tyson, and MSNBC Gates fires warning shot at military brass
Defense chief’s hand seen in firings, resignations over Walter Reed scandal.

But let us not pretend for even one minute that the only problems are at Walter Reed.

Now is the time to stay on this and contact Congress and the White House. Take a stand for the Veterans.

Think of it this way. If you went to an emergency room and had to wait hours, you would probably be indignant.

What if you came home from combat, from service to your country, still needing additional treatment that you earned with your blood and bone, with the lives of your buddies, and you were put on a multi-level waiting list that could take months to get you treatment? Would you call that a nation's gratitude? Would you call that a nation's respect? What outrage would you be feeling then?

Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Veterans for America.

Vietnam Veterans of America - "Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.".

IAVA Executive Director on PBS News Hour.

This is not just a problem here. Shame on the UK too, one of the Coalition Partners, for this from BBC about which I was told by a Veteran of the Falklands War. Call to save military hospitals General Sir Mike Jackson Sir Mike said personnel were better off in dedicated hospitals The former head of the British army has called on the government to maintain military hospitals.

Also from the BBC Soldiers 'on NHS waiting lists' Soldier The after-care of injured soldiers has been criticised The treatment of soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan was described as appalling by the man who commanded the British army during the Falklands war.

Anything ring familiar there? From Digital Journal and Fox News Concerns Mount Over Waiting Lists at Veterans Affairs Mental Health Centers.

C'mon America-we can do better for our Vets!!

We can even start with a Just Foreign Policy. Soldiers are, after all, the "active tools" of foreign policy. We need to make sure that the policy is righteous. Diplomacy before weapons. People versed in the languages, culture, customs and traditions of other countries to represent us.

Real history taught in schools.

It is only our future at stake!


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