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Wednesday Morning and Our Veterans and Soldiers Still Need YOU

By Remy Benoit

From CNN Wound-licking Wednesday U.S. stocks poised to rebound from huge selloff; GDP offers few surprises, Bernanke testimony on tap.

Perhaps when things get a little crazy on the stock floor everyone should take a late lunch break and breathe deeply. This is a place for clear thinking, not emotional doing.

From ABC News and Anne Flaherty Democratic Leaders Revamp Anti-War Plan.

From The Huffington Post and Representative Jim Moran Only Murtha Plan Supports the Troops.

If you read through the comments on the above article, the bottom line emerges that the people who have written in want action, not more words. They want the Representatives and Senators to take a stand and take care of the troops.

There has been a lot of questioning of things that Senator McCain has been saying and doing. This is Move On's take on this Bush/McCain: From Bad to Worse.

As to the care of our wounded Veterans, Paul Rieckhoff of the IAVA takes this position at Worst to Come at Walter Reed. Two more articles of interest in this area are at Inadequate Care at Walter Reed. and President Bush Fails to Mention America's 1.6 Million New Veterans IAVA to Introduce Legislative Agenda to Address the Multitude of Problems Facing Veterans and Undermining National Security. You can take a stand on this at IAVA Fliers. You can download them and make your neighbors aware. This is one of the fliers IAVA Iraq Veterans Need Your Help. So do the Veterans of Afghanistan. And you can sign the petition to Secretary Nicholson to keep them aware that we are aware that our Veterans are not being properly treated. Petition to Secretary Nicholson.

From Kelly Kennedy and Army Times at Truthout Walter Reed Patients Told to Keep Quiet. Well, people you will have to speak for them. They stood up for you, on the battlefield. Keep the Covenant: be there for them as they were for you. Your feelings about this war have nothing to do with them. Just do it. Call, write, pass out fliers, whatever it takes. Just do it, like you want Congress to - remember to have the world you want, you must be that world personally. There simply is NO excuse to not properly train, equip, and care for our soldiers and Veterans. Caring for them all on fronts is the right, the moral, the decent, and the expected thing to do. I wish I could remember the book I read it in, but a Vietnam Veteran once wrote that something close to 'they used us like carpenters' nails - when one was bent or broken, they just threw it away, and got a new one.' Now if that is not bad for morale, I don't know what is. If someone knows the book and the author, please let me know.

Stand up for them. Do it NOW.

Contacting Congress.

Contacting the White House.

They took the jobs, now let them do the work the people sent them to do.

From Sarah Olson and Tom Paine Silencing the Soldiers.

From Veterans for America and Bobby Muller Demand a 21st Century Solution for Veterans.

Once again, Walter Cronkite weighs in. From Hank Plante CBS 5 San Jose Walter Cronkite: Iraq War a "Disaster".

Down History Lane Walter Cronkite on Vietnam. from NPR.


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