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Perhaps We Need a National Barnraising?

By Remy Benoit

All around the country, people help people.

People who suffered the loss of all they knew, helped other people during Katrina, and still are.

We all the know the stories of barn raisings, where all the neighbors pitch in and do what needs doing.

But the thought occurred reading the headlines the last few days, that something is tremendously amiss
in the heart of the homeland.

The Washington Post people are shocked at the conditions for out patients at Walter Reed. No shock there, the whole VA system needs serious help and has for a long, long time. Just ask any Veteran. Yet, I am glad that the people at The Post raised a fuss about this, as it is bringing it to national attention.

In this country there are millions with no health insurance; people who cannot afford home/flood insurance and take total losses when nature eats their lives.

Lou Dobbs at CNN asks questions here about where is the middle class going Dobbs: Will the Democrats save their souls?.

Many of our school systems across the nation are in a shambles. Levees are on the verge of breaking all over the country.

Mr. Blair is pulling some of the British troops out of Iraq as noted by the AP at MSNBC Britain to cut Iraq troop levels to around 5,500
Blair says withdrawal of 1,600 military to happen in the ‘coming months’.
Mr. Bush continues to call for his surge, while the country for the most part, while the Congress for the most part, says no.

Mr. McCain now condemns the man he praised not too long ago, and praises the man he before condemned. Mrs. Clinton seems unaware that a great deal of the country does not think like she does. Perhaps this election calls for candidates, men like Rocky Anderson of Utah, who listen to the people. Maybe they need to take a look at Jonathan Miller from Kentucky, and read his book The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America. Just imagine running a country, tending to the world, with a philosophy of healing it, rather than tearing it apart with individual bones to gnaw your frustrations on and beat others over the head with. You cannot communicate with anyone if you are raising that bone over your head to clobber someone else with. That is not the way of true Christianity, Islam, Judaim, or any other religion. Fear and hate are not part of their inherent beliefs; that, like so much else, is man made and in the hands of the few, quite, quite dangerous.

Corporate golden parachutes fall into ridiculous amounts of money along side where poverty lives, and the middle class is crashing.

Mr. Murtha is smeared for wanting to take care of our troops.

The AP reports on inflated terror stats at MSNBC Audit finds U.S. anti-terror statistics inflated
Marriage fraud, other non-terror issues counted in numbers since 9/11.

I don't even want to think about what the Libby case is costing us, and not only in dollars. From CNN Lawyers make final pitch in CIA leak case.

And the President's support is at a low, only lower is that of the support for Mr. Cheney.

This morning I checked on some crocuses that are just starting to show their stems coming up from the bulbs. To grow things, we need light, water, nurturing, commitment, and patience.

If you look overall at the State of the Union, those things are sadly missing. The Social Darwinism of the 19th century is eating us alive. We have need of some serious muckraking journalists who will spare the tawdry details of "celebs" and their escapades. We need truth, we need to look at what is, call it what is, and set to raising a national barn to care for all who dwell within.

That cannot be done on the basis of fear; that can only be done out of nurturing love of country, and yes, concern not only for the well-being of our countrymen, but of the world. There will be no peace if we scream for war; if we don't, ah, in the words of Huey Long, 'share the wealth,' and set to feeding the hearts and souls of everyone, not just worrying about gold bathroom fixtures for those who don't know where the greed stops.

And oh, yes, that includes proper tending to the planet whose air we need to breathe.

As always, on all issues, We the People are the Deciders, if we choose to stand tall and not pass the buck, the work, and, indeed, the blame onto others.

Here is something that needs your attention too Blad Eagles Need Our Help Today.

Miz' Remy


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