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Memorial Day

By Remy Benoit

As we celebrate this Memorial Day holiday, honoring those who gave all to preserve who we are, a thought occurred to me.

We have come to think of the governance of this country as "them" and "us."

They are the ones elected to represent us. We are the ones who are represented.

But that is not the true way of it. It is  not the way  the Founding Fathers  intended it, for, indeed, they  were in the majority opposed to the formation of  political parties.

Governance of this great Union was to be of, for, and by the people.

Casting a vote during an election  does  not excuse us from the responsibility of  governance. There is no them and us, there is US,  bound together for the preservation of  Freedom. Not just  the Four Freedoms from want, from fear, of expression, and of religion but also the Freedoms of growth, creativity, choice, and sharing these vast ideals of the inheritance we the living, and those who have gone on ahead in preseving it,  owe to future generations.

I recall the words of  Aurelius coming from JFK...what, what can you do for  your country. It is  not  their  job, it is, and always was, in the final analysis the job of all of us, to preserve, protect, and defend.

Blessings to all.
Honor to those who have served, who do serve.
May God Bless and guide US, and keep us on our true path.
Let our FOCUS be there.


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