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How much profit is enough?

By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC State Farm: No new home policies in Miss.
Insurer to also stop writing commercial coverage amid Katrina litigation.

Katrina has cost us all, even if we didn't have any major damage, or claims. We paid to have our down trees removed; we paid for a generator when there was no power for 3 weeks just so we could have some water in that heat. And then, all around, insurance was canceled; agents had to find policies, and, of course, they all cost more - claim or no claim.

Many, many have total losses of everything precious to them - loss of their entire life's work and building.

If a business is 'high risk' shouldn't risk be accepted? Perhaps there should be more oversight of this from D. C.?

Thousands of awesome people have come to help us rebuild. What does non-existent, of high priced insurance do to help with reconstruction? Nothing. The welfare of the people of this country leads to the welfare of business. If business doesn't show up for us, well then, what is the result of that? And that "us" can be anywhere in the United States. The real homeland security is working together for the common good - not for golden parachutes.


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