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Moving Toward the Dangerous

By Remy Benoit

In the election of last November, the American people spoke - we want this war with Iraq to end; to have diplomacy put to work, as it should have been in the first place, to end an internal problem. I watched the Senate play with words, and go nowhere.

This week each member of the House will be given 5 minutes to speak. Perhaps they can get somewhere.
Vote Vets. has taken a position. Have you? Have you made it know to Congress?

In the meantime, while there are disputes over Speaker Pelosi's aircraft; in the meantime, while Congress squabbles over a somewhat decent minimum wage, and Teddy Kennedy asks when the greed will end, corporate golden parachutes are absurd, and the middle class is disappearing.

In the meantime, New Orleans lies in ruins, still.]

In the meantime, from the AP and Truthout Lawmakers Accuse Bush Administration of Homeland Security "On the Cheap".

In the meantime, from Newsweek, Michael Hirsh and Maziar Bahari, and MSNBC Rumors of War. with Iran.

In the meantime, consider this article by Jon Weiner at The Nation Why We Love War.

Pick up a copy of this book and read it Dave Grossman:On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society.

While you are considering that, do go out of your way to see Joyeux Noel. a story of the Christmas Eve peace in 1914 in the 'War to end all wars.' Lest we forget the carnage of that war First World War Casualties.

Why do things change for the convenient instead of the correct? From The Washington Post, John Solomon, and MSNBC McCain taps cash he sought to limit Onetime campaign finance reformer calls on big donors.

Meanwhile, from Matthew Herper and Forbes, yet another company finds it way out of the States Top Of The News: Motorola Layoffs.

Meanwhile, are you aware of this Bill in the House endorsed by Physicians for a National Health Care Program? The National Health Insurance Bill (HR 676). It may not be the perfect bill, but it is a bill in the right direction when millions of Americans have no health care.

Democracy can only work if you show up!

From William Rivers Pitt and Truthout The 21st Century Sucks. These are his ideas. What are your ideas on the potential for the 21st Century, and how will you see them implemented?

From the AP and MSNBC Gates: Prisoner scandals hurt U.S. reputation Defense secretary brushes off harsh remarks by Putin at conference.

Consider this piece by Negar Asimi at The Nation Bloggers Against Torture: How the Web Has Changed Egypt's Political Terrain.


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