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"A Thankless Task"

By Remy Benoit

From The Washington Post, Joshua Partlow, and MSNBC U.S. unit walks fine line in Baghdad
Soldiers say trying to gain IraqisÂ’ cooperation a thankless task.

From the AP, Qassim Abdul-Zahra, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Iraqi Gunmen seize Iranian diplomat.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Congress Short on Military Experience. One of the areas of concern in this article is that Congress members without military experience will not understand the needs of Veterans. Members of Congress are not the only ones who seem to fall into this category or the VA would not be running with billions of dollars of short fall. It is simply immoral to make Veterans and to not take care of them with respect, with proper facilities and treatment.

From the AP and Bush War Budget Takes From U.S. Poor.

From the World Security Institute and Bipasha Ray Experts Give Poor Grades To Expected Defense Budget Proposal.

From the Financial Times, Stephanie Kirchgaessner , and Truthout Hearings Mark Tougher Oversight of War Contracts.

From Consortium News, Robert Parry, and Truthout Bush Is Hiding the Ball on Iran.

And this view of US from the UK, the Guardian, Gary Younge, and Common Dreams Obsessed by Personalities, They've Forgotten What Democracy is for The US media is gripped by election fever - but discusses the candidates' highs and lows rather than the real social issues.

Perhaps more on social issues and realities rather than what celeb is doing what would be appropriate.

While you are sitting in front of your computer, please take a moment to go to The Hunger Site. and give a cup of food to someone who is hungry. No cost to you, food to them. Do it everyday. Less hunger, less angst, less war.


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