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"Warrior Intellectuals"

By Remy Benoit

From The Washington Post, Thomas E. Ricks, and CNN Petraeus selects team of warrior-intellectuals
Army turning Iraq war over to its dissidents.

I heard Dan Rather say the other day that if anyone could do this job, Petraeus can.

Yet let's take this whole picture, war, foreign affairs, trade, domestic problems, food with growth hormones, catastrophic insurance for natural disasters as well as health care, the infamous Plan D for prescriptions, all of it and consider them all for a moment.

The President's idea is to spread democracy. The key word there is democracy, which is what we still have, if we protect it.

Democracy is not just a word; it is a way of life.
It is active participation by the people, all the people, to find the way through the mazes of life.

I have always taught my children that there is something that we can learn from each and every person on the planet. Everyone knows how to do something, and we should never get so 'convinced' that we know the best way that we are not opening to learning another way, a way that just might be better than the one we are following.

The object of this website is to make the soldiers and Veterans know we as a people care; to provide them with many, many links to get the help they need; to help keep us informed of what is being done for us, to us, and in our names.

It cannot be said that an individual voice cannot be heard. We have the Net, we have phones, cell phones, the USPS, all kinds of devices and means to get our ideas to the power brokers we elect, if we choose to get out and vote, to state offices, to the Congress, to the White House.

Our soldiers are dying, being wounded in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and a lot of other places. The VA is severely underfunded; Iraqis and Afghanis are dying; natural disasters have leveled parts of our country; poverty is rampant here; millions have no health insurance; the educational system is a mess; medical costs strip our elderly of any fall back money; our environment is being abused; the climate is changing, and the list could go on all day long.

We can change all that with our input, with our demands for accountability. To do that we must put forth ideas, write letters, send e-mails, make phone calls. Aren't you tired of voting for the lesser negative choice of candidates? Aren't tired of being told very little of substance; of being bombarded with platitudes and fear?

Aren't you tired of being called unpatriotic if you disagree with the party line?

This is your country, thus your responsibility. Accept that responsibility, put forth your ideas, challenge "authority" on which way is the right way. Make your voice heard. Write back here; upload your ideas at The Niquahanam Project: Help to Heal the World.

Call, or write, or e-mail your elected Representatives, Senators, Executives, State, city, country, or parish officials. You have a wealth of know-how, of knowledge, of concerns, of demands. It should not take years and years to enact a decent minimum wage, to rebuild devastated areas. No war should be entered into without an exit plan. Constitutional prerogatives of the three branches of government must be maintained as well as the Bill of Rights. Speaking out for just one right that is your particular favorite won't work. You must speak out and up for all of them.

Once again, Contacting the Congress.

Once again, Contacting the White House.

Contacting State Officials.

Louisiana Speaks.

This is not the time for 'summer soldiers and sunshine patriots', or civilians. There is no time like that in a democracy, but always the need for 'eternal vigilance.'

Your donations will help pay the server bill for this site. Thanks. Blessings, Miz' Remy


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