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Is a different path possible?

By Remy Benoit

  Some say that we are by our very nature a belligerent species. Others are trying to prove that anthropologically we are not; that aggression is a learned behavior.

  There are many factors involved in what each of us grows up to be. Environment plays its role; the amount of love and assurance given plays its.  Some say that up to 70% of childhood training is in negatives: Don't do this, that, or the other thing.
  How many of you recall asking why something was the way it was when you were a child, only to be told, "Because that is the way it is and always has been?"

  I came across an interview with Jonathan Schell regarding his new book, The Unconquerable World: Power and the Will of the People. Schell is the author of the 1982, Fate of the Earth, the best seller about the problems of nuclear proliferation.

  The interview raises some interesting questions. You may find it at:A Conversation with Jonathan Schell By Tai Moses, AlterNet.


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