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War is Personal

By Remy Benoit

From Newsweek, Weston Kosova, and MSNBC The True Cost of War.

Look at the pictures of these people; they are not just "troops" they were individuals with families, hopes, dreams, and lives.

It is our responsibility to know what we are waging war about; to try to find better ways to resolve problems, cultural differences.

When you think about the fact that at one point we put up safety gates, used car seats, stayed up all night with their fevers, we have to ask ourselves why we accept so readily sending our once children to war? And then, why do we not demand that there is readily available treatment for them when they come home with physical injuries, trauma, and soul pieces missing?

Something to think about today.

In the last 3 days, 12 more KIA From the Ap and MSNBC Seven US Troops Killed in Iraq. How do we measure "success"?


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