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30% Approval Rating

By Remy Benoit

That is the State of the ratings for President Bush according to a Newsweek Poll with Brian Braiker at MSNBC A Sorry State.

Protesters were quite vocal in DC today as they marched from the Mall to the Pentagon while C-Span gave live coverage and the main stations carried on for the most part with business as usual. From MSNBC War protesters demand U.S. troop withdrawal
Tens of thousands of demonstrators and handful of celebrities rally in D.C..

Perhaps the media needs to catch up with the people of the country and exercise its function as the 4th Estate.

Mayor "Rocky" Anderson of Salt Lake City was quite eloquent. Perhaps more should be aware of the potential of this mayor who is doing good things for his city. From The Nation and Sasha Abramsky Rocky Anderson, Folk Hero?. Some say Mayor Anderson doesn't have a chance nationally as the pary machine is supposedly not behind him. Well, maybe its time for the people to say who they want to know more about? Mayor Anderson, perhaps you have some ideas for N'Awlins? We surely need them!

And BRAVO! to Susan Sarandon for telling it like it is as to the inadequate care of our Veterans. How does any Administration, how does any Congress, justify making Veterans and not seeing that the money and facilities are in place to care not only for those we already have, which is not being adequately done, but to also care for the new ones that are made each day. You will have to note that in searching the major media outlets for numbers of daily WIA information that it is hard to find. Why? Why not face the reality of what is happening? Why not fund care for the Veterans? We want answers, and action, on that. Only you can demand that. Please, please, do.


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