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Democracy Means Taking a Stand

By Remy Benoit

The President gave his State of the Union Address the other night. Senator Webb of Virginia responded.

Now it is time for Americans to respond to a wide variety of issues as things all around escalate. That word, escalate, for those of us of a certain age, is a very uncomfortable word.

Remember, what is done by the government officials in a democracy, is done in your name, by your consent, or abdication of responsibility to assent or dissent.

From The Washington Post, Dafna Linzer, and MSNBC U.S. troops authorized to kill Iranians in Iraq
Policy on operatives stirs concern among some U.S. officials.

From the AP and MSNBC Bush wants to increase aid to Afghanistan
President seeks additional $10.6 billion for security forces, reconstruction.

From Newsweek, Michael Hirsh, and MSNBC Washington: A Dysfunctional Democracy
U.S. policymakers are asking if Maliki can deliver. The world is wondering the same thing about us.

From the McClatchey Newspapers, Jonathan S. Landay and Truthout Rockefeller: Cheney Applied "Constant" Pressure to Stall Investigation on Flawed Iraq Intelligence.

From Tom Paine and Tom Engleheart The Forgotten American Dead.

If we don't know who we are; if we don't take a stand for who we are, how can we possibly expect others abroad to know who we are? Robert Scheer of Truthdig presents us with an uncomfortable assessment of who we are and what we are doing. The World Agrees: Stop Him.

From The Politico, Josephine Hearn and Mike Allen, and Truthout Pelosi Hits Bush for Failing to Consult on Iraq Plan.

Your chance to take a position, to take a stand with Congress.

From The Nation, Scott Ritter, and Common Dreams Stop the Iran War Before It Starts.

From The New York Times, Jeff Zeleny and Carl Hulse, and Truthout Groups Head to Capital to Step Up Anti-War Drive.

From Tom Paine, an Editorial We Gave War a Chance.


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