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Anti-War Resolutions and more

By Remy Benoit

From CNN GOP senator drafting alternative war resolution.

From Bruce Fleming and Yell Louder When You're Wrong.

From Reuters and MSNBC Bush on Iraq plan: 'I believe it will work'
President asks opponents to 'present a plan you think will work'.

If you look openly at the next few articles, you might consider how much progress we could make, how much communication we could facilitate if we actually talked with each other, openly, without obfuscation.

From the AP and CNN Ministers launch petition to stop Bush library.

From The Nation and George McGovern and Common Dreams An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush.

From Win Without War and Common Dreams National Coalition Leader Calls for Binding Congressional Action on Iraq
March on Capitol, Congressional Lobby Day and In-District Actions to Demand Binding Action
Current Non-Binding Resolution Could Leave Members of Congress Off the Hook.

From the BBC News Washington 'snubbed Iran offer'.

From the BBC News Turkish-Armenian writer shot dead.

From Jimmy Carter, The Washington Post, and Truthout A New Chance for Peace?.

From The New York Times, John Holusha, and Truthout Retired Generals Criticize Bush's Plan for Iraq.


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