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Dr. Martin Luther King

By Remy Benoit

Dr. King had a dream, a dream that for many reasons has not yet come to fruition. But a dream is a vision, and a vision must be followed through with by each individual to become reality.

We need to set high goals for dreams.
We need to reach for dreams.
We need to work for dreams.

I find the following article distressing, and it underscores, once again, that history is not being taught as it should be, nor are cultures, art, music, languages, etc. When you 'teach to the test' education falls by the wayside.

From The Washington Post, Valerie Strauss, and MSNBC Despite lessons, some unaware of King's dream
College survey shows some think he was advocating the abolition of slavery.

From Rethinking Schools, a selection of articles on No Child Left Behind The No Child Left Behind Act.

Reading is essential. Literacy is necessary. Without grounding ourselves in literature, in history, in the reasons why we are where we are, we have little to build upon. Join David and Michelle Baldacci at the Wish You Well Foundation. where they advocate and promote literacy. And while you have his name in mind, do read The Camel Club. if you think that the few can and do have impact on those who do not wish us well.

From James Carroll, The Boston Globe, and Truthout An Unrealized Dream of Justice.


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