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Children of War

By Remy Benoit

Charles Aznavour., one of France's great performers and songwriters does a song entitled, Children of War in which he sings of children who have never been young.

Millions of children throughout history have grown up that way. Where does it lead them?

From Newsweek, Christian Caryl, and MSNBC Iraq's Young Blood.

From William Fisher and Truthout Mohamed al-Hatfield vs. Ahmed al-McCoy.

We are the teachers of the children.
We bear that grave responsibility, and I do not use that adjective loosely.

From Der Spiegel, Mark Pitzke, and Truthout "The Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam".

From the Pittsburg Post Gazette, Tony Norman, and Common Dreams Have You No Decency Mr. President?.

Is the answer to bad planning more blood on all sides?

From MSNBC and Rajiv Chandrasekaran Bush turns to one-time dissenters on Iraq
Officials who derided early policies now asked to help save mission.

From Ari Berman and The Nation Murtha's Plan to Stop Bush.

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