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Mass Grave South of Baghdad

By Remy Benoit

CNN reports the unearthing if a mass grave, seemingly of Shiites who attempted to unseat Saddam in 1991. Iraqis uncover thousands in mass grave.

For background on the Shiite position and the history of the 1991 Uprising see
Shiite Leaders Plan Resurgence By Mohamad Bazzi.

From the Australian Broadcasting System: Shiites' doomed uprising in Karbala by Tony Jones.

From CBS 'Shiite Thug' In U.S. Custody.

From Command Post:Iraqi Muhammad Hazmaq al-Zubaydi arrested by Gil Shterzer.

From Human Rights News: Iraq: Devastation of Marsh Arabs.

Iraq: Mass Graves Still Unprotected Sites Near Basra Being Tampered With.

Iraq: U.S. Unresponsive on Mass Graves New Information on Site North of Baghdad.

Bodies uncovered at mass graves in Bosnia.

Mass graves raise questions in Afghanistan. How did Taliban prisoners die, and who knew?

Mass Graves by Elizabeth Neuffer.

The Mass Graves of Zanzibar.

Physicians for Human Rights Investigates Mass Graves in Rwanda>

The Holocaust Reviewed: Part Four Treblinka - A Forensic Examination.

Armenian Massacres.

From Smiles Against the Hate:Genocide Hate Crimes Historical Timeline.


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