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By Remy Benoit

The President will speak tonight. Teddy Kennedy has already, as many have, said no to what will be proposed. These are the people that WE the People, the Congress, the President and his staff are answerable to. Consider, ask for facts, demands facts, not fear, and answer to these people.
From CNN Forces: U.S. & Coalition Casualties.

From Newsweek, Michael Hirsh and Mark Hosenball, and MSNBC Gates Cleans House New Pentagon chief is expected to oust the U.S. general involved in the Somalia strikes.

The President speaks tonight, apparently still planning on more troops despite the voice of the nation, of the Congress. Official: Bush plans 20,000 more troops for Iraq.Surge, escalation, which word fits better? Many of us know the latter word. What number is the magic bullet to make it better? Perhaps we know from experience the answer to that.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Charles Pope Showdown on Bush's Iraq plan State's congressional Democrats skeptical about sending in more troops.

From the AP, Jennifer Loven, and the Houston Chronicle Bush to acknowledge mistakes in Iraq, send more troops.

From Tom Andrews and Common Dreams It’s Time for an American Surge To Stop the Bush War in Iraq.

If Senator Biden thinks, as Mr. Andrews notes, that there is nothing we can do about a policy that isn't working, then perhaps the Voice of the American people needs to be. This is a Senator who has tossed his hat into the ring. This is the time to show the country that underneath this toss is man who has the 'right stuff' to be considered. We are talking about American lives here - not just political tosses but American lives, Iraqi lives and heaven only knows how many others.

We are a CAN DO nation. No room for can'ts.

From Jane Bright and Common Dreams Letter From the Heart.

From the AP and Dems Vow to Resist Iraq Troop Hike.

From The Nation and John Nichols The Senator Who Will Not Surge.

From The Wall Street Journal, David Rogers, and Truthout Murtha Takes Aim at Abu Ghraib.

From The Nation and Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Surge Homeward.

From The Nation and David Enders Iraqi Civilians Brace for a Surge.

From The Washington Post, Michael Abramowitz, Robin Wright and Thomas E. Ricks, and MSNBC On Iraq, Bush to pull away from generals
They initially advised against troop ‘surge’ to combat insurgency.

From John Cory and Truthout Three Thousand Plus One.

From Oliver North and More Targets.

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