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In the Wake of War

By Remy Benoit

   When a government is removed, a power vacuum is left; chaos reigns.  That time is a very precarious time for a nation as people are often in favor of the return of stability, and sometimes are prone to overlooking its price tag.

   US troops face a daunting task in Baghdad, as well as the rest of Iraq.

   Some reports from that nation follow:
From the Washington Post: Baghdad Anarchy Spurs Call For Help Iraqis, U.S. Officials Want More Troops By Peter Slevin.

Shiite Leader Makes Bold Return to Iraq Holy City By William Booth.

Le Monde.

Iraq's Baath Party Is Abolished Franks Declares End of Hussein's Apparatus as Some Members Retake Posts By Peter Slevin and Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

From the Manchester Guardian: Saddam's fall leads Iran into talks with arch-enemy Dan De Luce in Tehran.

US seeks UN action over Iranian 'weapons' Staff and agencies.

From Le Monde: Murderous terrorist attacks in Riyadh before arrival Powell the Hake.

From The New American Century's statement of principles: NewAmerican Century.

From Veterans For Common Calls For New UK Gulf War Illness Inquiry The Guardian UK.


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