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Not Home for Christmas

By Remy Benoit

The media seems to forget that our troops are stationed around the world, not just in Iraq, but in Afghanistan and other uncounted places.

To each and everyone of you, far away from home, from family, from safety, our prayers are with you for your safe return home. Thank you for being there to protect us.

For those of you who are at home, hurting physically, mentally, spiritually we will keep up the fight to get you the care with respect that you have so earned.

Perhaps our greatest gift to them would be if we all worked harder, actively, for peace. Here is a place to start. Americans For a Department of Peace. Yes, it is a can do, but only if we decide to, and go out and, do it.

To those who say peace is impossible, that being warlike is our nature, I pose this question: If that is true, then why do so very many suffer from PTSD from being in war? This Thursday, at 11:07 AM on Northeast PBS Radio, Dr. Edward Tick will be interviewed. Find a way to hear what he has to say. Everyone should read his book! War and The Soul. Read it! Send a copy to your Senator and your Representatives. Send a copy to the White House. Ask your local library to order copies! Tell your friends and help our Veterans.

Blessings to All, Merry Christmas,
Miz' Remy

From the AP and CNN Soldiering through Christmas in Baghdad.


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