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Freedom to Read

By Remy Benoit

    The words "Reading is Fundamental" are well known to all who live in this country.

    Reading is the link that joins us across centuries. It transmits words, ideas, emotions, experience. It gives us common ground as human beings. It helps us to grow; it helps us to heal; it helps us to share.

    Ben Franklin is in part a national hero because of his advocacy of libraries.
    Freedom of expression, of speech, of creativity lie at the root of democracy.

    And to have democracy, we must be forever vigilant.

    If you consider what you borrow from your public library is your business, then perhaps you should be paying attention to the following:

From Fox News: Libraries Rally Against USA Patriot Act.

From Public Integrity. Justic Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act.

Statement of Congressman Sanders on 3/6/2003 regarding: The Freedom to Read Protection Act.

American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression.

American Libray Association:Intellectual Freedom/Censorship.

Learning to Give:Philanthropy and American HistoryUnit Title: Philanthropy in History Lesson Title:     Lesson Two: "We the People" Libraries—Benjamin Franklin to Andrew Carnegie by  Michael Pickard and Joyce Rogers.


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