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"Get Tough"

By Remy Benoit

Before we get into the events of the day, I am still looking for shipmates of Art Hanman who served on the Essex way back when ponytails, mini-skirts, and Do Wop were giving way to peasant skirts, Dylan and Baez. One of you, a special buddy, was then down Pascagula way and he would like to hook up with you and take a sail down memory lane. So, if you are reading this, give me a holler through Comments and I'll connect you. Art is heading down to the Southland for a visit, so let's get to it. This is Pascagula 6 months after Katrina.

If you are a Veteran looking for work, this is a place to start. From Careers.

Now to the Iraq Study group. From The Washington Post, Peter Baker and Dafna Linzer, and MSNBC Report to urge Bush to put screws to Iraq
Iraq Study Group to recommend putting teeth behind security benchmarks.
Freedom, democracy are gifts, earned, cherished. When you haven't known those, perhaps it is difficult to comprehend that they are worth fighting for.

From Norman Solomon and Common Dreams Media Sham for Iraq War -- It's Happening Again.

From The New York Times, David Stout, and Truthout At Hearing, Gates Says US Not Winning War in Iraq.

From The Los Angeles Times, Nicole Gaouette, and Truthout Smuggling, Theft, Bribery at Agency ( Homeland Security ).

And from The Chicago Sun Times, Jesse Jackson and Truthout Congress Must Insist Bush Isn't Above Law.


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