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Iraq - Stay the course, or alter it?

By Remy Benoit

From CNN Source: Iraq panel to advise gradual U.S. pullback.

From MSNBC Bush, Iraq PM agree to speed security turnover
President backs embattled al-Maliki; both say Iraq shouldnÂ’t be partitioned.

From the AP and Bush: U.S. Troops Will Remain in Iraq.

From CNN, Colin Powell, and Truthout Colin Powell Says Iraq in a "Civil War".

From The Los Angeles Times, Julian E. Barnes and Peter Spiegel and Truthout Controversy Over Pentagon's War-Spending Plan.

For a long while now, soldiers have been noting that TV shows, celebs, and other inconsequential things seem to garner more attention than the war they and fighting, not to mention their well being, need of supplies, etc. Bob Hebert of The New York Times addresses that situation at Truthout. While Iraq Burns.

From Tom Paine, Common Dreams, and Bill Moyer Message To West Point.

Add this to your shopping list Any Soldier.

Perhaps one of the solutions to this terrible situation is prayer. Remember what the astronauts told us; that when you are in space, there are no national boundary lines visible? Perhaps we can cross them with universal prayer? It couldn't hurt to try in all languages, in all faiths. There are radical elements in all faiths; most followers are more in tune to charity, compassion, and forgiveness. Sheer numbers of prayers might tip the balance to reason.

Edgar Mitchell was one of those young, inspired astronauts. This is what he did with what he learned. The Institute of Noetic Sciences.


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