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The Plot Thickens

By Remy Benoit

Everything we do has its impact on many, many other things.

From CNN Iraq president to fly to Iran.

From Tom Paine and David Corn Iraq's Reality Bandwagon.

From The Times Online. U.K. and Devika Bhat and Agencies UK troops to reduce by 'thousands' by end of 2007.

From The Mail Courier, Australia, and John McCarthy Politicians missed alarm bells.

From Tom Paine, Laura Flanders, and Common Dreams Never Saying 'Sorry'.

It is easy to place blame where it apparently lies, yet this is a democracy; a government with a built in balance of power. This engagement's problems lie also in Congress, and with the American voter.

We cannot ignore the balance of power between branches of our government, any more than we can ignore our Bill of Rights when we feel threatened.

Veterans For Peace Target Of Pentagon Spying.

We demand expertise in hiring for all kinds of jobs, but we do not demand that of diplomats. We do not insist that they speak the language, know the culture of the countries to which we send them.

We do not place value on our own heritage by insisting that real history, art, culture, music, languages, literature be taught in our schools. They are always the first to go with budget crunches. We may be 'teaching to the test' but we are not teaching toward real life, nor the future of our country.

That is our responsibility in the democracy, to educate to bring out the best each child has to give to continue the incredible heritage that is being passed down. If we don't do that; if we ignore our rights; if we ignore the fundamental structure of our Constitution, we are bound to failure.

If we continue to espouse competition rather than cooperation, the theory of scarcity will continue; the gap between haves and have nots will broaden, and untold conflicts will continue.

The answers, the responsibilities, lie with each and everyone of us.

The defense of our country's heritage calls for real patriotism - standing up and saying "this is what we truly stand for."

What is it that we truly stand for? Only we can answer that question.

From the AP, Erica Werner, and Truthout Waxman Has Bush Administration in Sights.

From Anne Usher, Cox News Austin American Statesman and Veterans for America Stress Disorders, Drug Abuse, Little Help for Troops.

From Gigi Stone, ABC News, and Veterans for America Vets Skeptical VA Can Cope with Iraq War Wave.

From The Independent, UK, Stephen Castle and Kim Sengupta, and Truthout NATO Urged to Plan Afghanistan Exit Strategy as Violence Soars.


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