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3rd Time Around

By Remy Benoit

It is clear, chilly this morning on the front porch.

It is peaceful on my front porch. The neighbor's dog, a big, black and white mutt, perhaps one hundred pounds of love is out there playing with my daughter's dog. All seems normal and yet these soldiers are off, for the 3rd time, to the battlefront. How often do we think of them when we drive to Church, to work, to make groceries, to go the movies, or sit on our front porches?

The country is at war, but it seems only the soldiers are at war. There is no rationing of gas, of food, or clothes, or anything else.

When they come home hurt, injured in body, mind, and spirit, they will face waiting lists at the VA, job problems, readjustment problems, family problems.

From Lawrence O'Donnell and the Huffington Post Rangel is Right.

From The Washington Post, Ann Scott Tyson, and MSNBC Long stints in Iraq fracture families
3rd Infantry Division will be the first deployed for a third year-long tour.

From The Washington Post, Robin Wright, and MSNBC Iraq group a study in secrecy, centrism Outside participants describe process.

From Reuters and MSNBC Report: Insurgency is financially self-sustaining Classified study reportedly says groups are illegally raising $70M to $200M.


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