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We Need to Speak UP About Health/Drug Care

By Remy Benoit

It is not only the health care of our Veterans that needs attention, it is the health and prescription care for all Americans.

Health care, prescriptions, are basic necessities. Without a health program or a prescription program Americans cannot afford medical care. Even with these programs, the cost of health care can be prohibitive.

Health is not negotiable.

Health care is not the playground of megabuck lobbyists or pharmaceutical firms.

Health care, a decent health care program for all, including our Veterans, is up to the American people to demand.

You do have more power than lobbyists, than corporations, BUT ONLY IF YOU USE IT.

This country belongs to the people, not the corporations. Again, people have a voice. Ask the people in your family what they need in health care; ask them if they have slipped into the "donut hole". And then, when you know needs, demand action.

No one in this country should not be able to see a doctor or not have medication. No one.

From The New York Times, Robert Pear, and Truthout Drug Industry Is on Defensive as Power Shifts.


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