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For Those of Us who are Grand/Great Grandparents

By Remy Benoit

    Those of you who know me personally KNOW that I am a book nut. I am physically incapable of resisting a book sale and have a vast, vast, vast library.

    When I was a child, my favorite book was The Princess and the Goblin. One day my daughter found me a reprint of this book that dates back to the 1870's, and since then I have found a 1930's copy of MacDonald's book.

    Books formed a great, great part of my youth. I recall that Princess Irene's story was in a hardback maroon cover with sort of thick beige pages. Her story has left me with a life time fascination with hidden staircases and things that go bump in the night. Her goblins and her struggle with them in their own way took me to the path of other things that go bump in the night, like war and PTSD.  But keep the faith, the Princess and her Geordi were victorius over the goblins.
   So, the point of my babbling?
   Well, again thanks to Moria Allen and her: Writing World.Com. I have come upon a delightful link to My Favorite

   Was there a favorite book in your early days that you would like to share with a special child?

   This is a beautifully designed site and perhaps, just perhaps, you will find your childhood treasure there to pass along.

   peace from 'Miz Remy, George MacDonald, the Princess Irene and her Geordi.


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