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Making Changes

By Remy Benoit

From Newsweek, Josh Meacham, and MSNBC The Prodigal Returns.

From CNN Lawmakers question Iraq war's course after elections.It is not only the Administration that is responsible. The Congress, and, indeed, the American people need to dig deep and question their re-active rather than pro-active move to war without deep questioning. Again, again, again, we need to teach real history, not 'feel good' history to have an informed citizenry. The cost of not doing that is just too high.

From the AP and MSNBC Pelosi backs Murtha as majority leader
Endorsement adds to power struggle, as other Dems support HoyerÂ’s bid.

From the AP and CNN Insurgent activity rising in Afghanistan.

From The Independent, UK, Andrew Buncombe in Washington and Raymond Whitaker and Francis Elliott in London and Common Dreams Threat to Blair as Democrats Pledge Inquiry on Iraq.

From the San Francisco Chronicle, C.W. Nevius and Common Dreams Keith Olbermann Taps a Well of Discontent as the Anti-O'Reilly.

From the New York Times, an Editorial at Truthout Democrats and Iraq.


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