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By Remy Benoit

There are several perspectives below; somewhere within, some of a truth lies. Yet, responsibility lies in Congress too; it also lies with all of us who seem to so love war. It repels, it fascinates us. We go to it much too willingly without demanding of ourselves that we understand it.

Chris Hedges: War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning.

Fault lies in classrooms where "feel good" social studies is taught without depth, without real analysis, without real history.

Fault lies where history, art, culture, languages are eliminated from classrooms; subjects that could show our similarities rather than differences. These are subjects that can build rather than burn bridges.

Fault lies in the "them or us" duality mentality.

Fault lies in avarice, ambition, and our praising those rather than compassion and mutual concerns.

Fault lies in the refusal to believe that leaders lie to their people all around the world.

Fault lies in not caring for our planet; in not demanding alternate energy sources.

Fault lies in not demanding a liveable minimum wage; in not demanding that no one, fellow countrymen included, that no one goes to bed hungry.

Fault lies in not demanding a respectable national health/prescription insurance program. Fault lies in not demanding to know why there are problems with providing flu vaccine.

Fault lies in silence, in not speaking up, in not being an active participant in our democracy. Silence is compliance.

Fault lies in saying, "I am just one woman, just one man, what can I do?"

Fault lies in not watch dogging elections and the machines thereof.

Fault lies in not demanding of the mass media real, hard, detailed, balanced news instead of what celebrity did what to whom.

Fault lies in accepting war and poverty as givens.

Fault lies in making Veterans by the thousands and not caring for them.

Fault lies in killing each other, nationally and internationally, in the name of a Creator.

Fault lies in developers wanting to by-pass wetlands reconstruction and finding engineering complicity to bend to their desires.

Fault lies in a compliant citizenry accepting a do nothing Congress.

There is more than enough fault to share.

If we will not speak for ourselves, how can we help speak for others. If we cannot speak with others, how can we find a better way than constant war?

From Reuters and MSNBC U.S. reportedly has Iraq security timetable
White House denies Times’ report, says no firm dates for Iraqi progress.

From The New York Times and Truthout, an Editorial Blowing in the Wind.

From CNN Diplomat: U.S. arrogant, stupid in Iraq.

From Joe Galloway and No Reality From Administration.

From Reuters and MSNBC Iraq death toll report defended by researchers
Group: Estimate of up to 794,000 civilian deaths based on sound methods.

From The Times Union, Albany, NY, and Marie Cocco Principled Resignation Carries Weight Would history be different if Powell had stood tall and walked out?.

From Truthdig, Kevin Tillman, and Common Dreams After Pat’s Birthday
Kevin Tillman Honors Late Brother's Birthday with Plea to Speak up for Democracy.

From Time Magazine, Tony Karon, and Truthout No, Iraq Is Not Vietnam.

From MSNBC, Keith Olbermann on Countdown, and Truthout Olbermann Addresses the Military Commissions Act in a Special Comment.

To date, 21,077 WIA; 2,788 American KIA in Iraq; 340 American KIA in Afghanistan, 988 WIA;
These are their faces: Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties. Enduring Freedom Casualties.

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