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Artifacts Returning/Life in a Post War Country

By Remy Benoit

   Some of the treasures missing from the museum were taken into safe keeping; others did not fare so well.

There are areas of unrest between different Muslim groups, and while Iraqis ask for protection during this time of upheaval, they are also making it clear, Thank you, now please leave it to us to set up an Islamic state.

And, as always in combat, there is the toll on those we send to fight.

Throughout the upheavals of the Sixties, there was a beginning of East and West meeting, culturally, religiously, and philosophically exchanging ideas, coming to understandings. Perhaps, if we pursue it, this engagement may lead to greater understanding, communication, and compassion.
From the Washington Post:

Slowly, Loot Is Being Returned to Museum
Some Artifacts Were Taken for Safekeeping; Thieves Urged to Bring Others Back by Monte Reel.

From Veterans for Common Sense and the San Mateo Times with Joseph B. Verrengia : The Toll Killing Takes on US Soldiers Joseph B. Verrengia San Mateo Times (CA).

Iraqi Artists Get A Clean Canvas
Days of Censorship End, But New Threats Loom By Anthony Shadid.

Iraqi Shiites Grow Uneasy Over U.S. Occupation
Cleric Says Americans Must Leave By Anthony Shadid.

From Time Magazine Online:Unfinished Business America's war with Iraq won't be complete until U.S. forces can resolve three key questions
by Namcy Gibbs with Brian Bennett, Aparisim Ghosh, Simon Robinson and Nir Rosen/Baghdad, Michael Weisskopf/Doha, Terry McCarthy/Kuwait City, Timothy J. Burger, Massimo Calabresi, John F. Dickerson and Mark Thompson/ Washington.

From the San Francisco Chronicle and Jonathan Curiel: The voices of Arab culture Arts from ancient, diverse world stir interest in the West by Jonathan Curiel.


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