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Problem Area

By Remy Benoit

From The Washington Post, Glenn Kessler and Peter Baker, and MSNBC ‘Axis of evil’ comes back to haunt U.S. Bush White House has reached crisis point with N. Korea, Iran and Iraq.

From Cleveland and The Plain Dealer N. Korea goes nuclear. It's late, but not too late, to stir some rationality and restraint via targeted sanctions and talking sense to the North Koreans.

From the AP and MSNBC U.S. won't hold direct talks with North Korea Pyongyang threatens more nuclear tests even amid world condemnation. When we were in school, weren't we always told that if there was a problem we should 'talk it out?'

From the AP and MSNBC Another 60 bodies found on Baghdad’s streets
Bullet-riddled bodies apparently latest victims of sectarian death squads.

From the AP, Liz Sidoti, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Democrats assail Bush's N. Korea policy.

And From Truthout's Managing Editor, Scott Galindez, an Editorial
All Nine Nuclear Powers Are Violating Non-Proliferation Treaty.


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