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Sunday Morning

By Remy Benoit

It is Sunday morning and a long weekend with the Columbus Day holiday.

Once upon a time, a long time, but not so very long ago, in another troubled time with our troops on the line, Gene Roddenberry took us Where no one had gone before.

In a situation that seemed untenable, unmanageable, and without solution, the ever energetic, and optimistic Captain James T. Kirk solved the impossible situation of the Kobayashi Maru.
by “thinking outside of the box.”

He changed the variables, solved the problems.

We, on the other hand, seem to refuse to get out of the groove. Watching, listening, to the news coverage, such as it is, is like being trapped on an old record that just can’t seem to go on.

We need to think outside the box, because we have BIG BIG problems with which to deal. I recall an episode of Star Trek where Bones said, and I am paraphrasing here, ‘Jim, you do what you always do; you bring life out of death.’

We need to think of life, of light, of progress instead of stagnation, fear, name calling, and sheer willful stubbornness. We cannot go on with the ‘them’ and ‘us’ kind of thinking. Congress is there to serve us, not themselves, not any one person, or ideology.

It is vital to the interests of the US that they remember that, stop bickering, stop pork barrrelling, and serve US.

Instead, to date:

We have been barraged with scandal from D.C. the circumstances of which should have
been tended to a long, long time ago and never let to continue. From The Miami Herald and Carl Hiassen Foley contrite, but only after he got caught.

Meanwhile, the numbers of casualties in Iraq continue to grow, both wounded and killed, military and civilian. From The Washington Post, Anne Scott Tyson and MSNBC American casualties in Iraq rise sharply
Growing U.S. role in staving off civil war leads to most wounded since 2004.

You can help them, help their familes. Operation Home Front. I know it is hard to understand how many we are losing in Iraq, in Afghanistan, when we do not see them come home this time, but we are losing them. Get that.

Partisan politics, fear politics, rule the day. Also from The Washington Post, Peter Baker, and MSNBC The return of the grim speaker
Cheney is back with doom speech casting Democrats as danger to security.

Yesterday I was doing the errands. The stores are stocked for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. People went about their normal business, examining this and that ornament, decoration, etc. for the coming holidays. And yet, there are so many problems, one of which that they may face if they try to get home for the holidays. From Paperchase and Jurist GAO report highlights terrorism watch list errors.

North Korea, Iran, and Georgia, are on the list of situations to watch critically.

From the AP and CNN NK 'may drop test if U.S. holds talks'.

From Newsweek, Anatol Lieven, and MSNBC War in the Caucasus?
The dispute between Georgia and Russia has all the makings of a tragic conflict..

From Forbes and AFX News Limited Iran backs OPEC moves for production cut – report.

While those things are all there to ponder, here we are, well over a year since the devastation of Katrina, and a great American city still has HUGE problems. From the New York Times, Adam Nossiter, and Truthout New Orleans Population Is Reduced Nearly 60%.

So, like any other time, we need to choose.

It will soon be time to hang stockings on the mantle. Do we want the proverbial 'you didn’t do well' chunk of coal in our stocking, or do we want prosperity, compassion, solutions to difficult problems, and the bringing of life over death to all the world.

Columbus Day. Yes, he had an attitude problem, yes, he did many things with cruelty, lack of vision, definite lack of compassion. But, he had a dream. He did not sit in his bathtub murmuring ‘poor me, I have nuthin’ with which to fulfill my dream.’ He got himself three scrawny boats, crossed the ocean-sea, and found a New World that he could not even begin to understand the potential of.

Now it is up to us to live up to that potential.

You can start here and tell Congress to show some gratitude by way of health care
Take Action Slashing Traumatic Brain Injury Funding.

Then try this one. Native American Veterans Cemetery Act.

Don’t say "I am only one person." Say "I am a person with a vote, a voice, a telephone, e-mail, snail mail, and I will be heard."

Your country, your troops, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.


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Miz' Remy


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