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Report /Pending Legislation

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and MSNBC Intel report: Iraq a ‘cause célèbre’ for extremists
President says NIE leak was political, denies war has worsened terrorism.

From CNN NIE: Al Qaeda 'damaged,' becoming more scattered.

From Inside and Cost of War: $550 Billion and Counting.

From Senator Patrick Leahy and Tom Paine Showdown Over Habeas.

From Truthout Letter From Intelligence and Military Professionals on Use of Torture.

From Newsweek, Pat Wingert, and MSNBC ‘Letting Students Down’ A new study finds that even top undergraduates are woefully ignorant of history and civic government.

If our students do not know their own history, how can we possibly expect them to function as voters when the problems are of international and global concern? I have, for decades, be cautioning the negative results that would come from "Social Studies," from "feel good history." We need to teach our students real history, world cultures, law, philosophy, literature, art, music, and yes, ecology too.

An informed citizenry is absolutely necessary to a well functioning democracy.

I highly suggest consideration of the thoughts in this book. The Battle for Peace by Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz.

As they used to say in the kids' reading program - Book It. It is amazing what you can learn when you study.


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