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5 Years Later

By Remy Benoit

Today is Patriot Day, honoring those who met such a terrible end in the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and on United 93.

President Bush will speak tonight, once again, on the War on Terror.

Today, as they have for many, many months now, our troops are on active duty in Afghanistan and in Iraq. The numbers of KIA, WIA on both fronts continue to grow, as do the casualties of the civilian populations of both countries, and of their insurgents, both native and international. The insatiable gods of war are never sated.

From Iraq and the Stryker Brigade a reminder of the impact on the lives of those who serve, and those who love and miss them. From Newsweek, Michael Hastings, and MSNBC Straight to the Heart Battle Cries: For U.S. troops and their wives and children, the Iraq war's invisible costs just keep on piling up.

On a personal note to a couple of you stationed in Iraq - Brandon, your dog, Sally, whom we adopted, is doing fine! To Mike, the son of my folks' neighbor, to all of you in uniform, our prayers are with you.

From 2001, the Daily Show, and a Patriot with a strong voice, Jon Stewart Post 9/11. Bless you for this, Jon.


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