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By Remy Benoit

    During war terrible things happen and those  terrible things live on in the  hearts, minds, souls of those who knew them.

    This war is generating a new group of Veterans who will have much healing to do; who will need help.

    At the same the proposed budget calls for vast cuts in Veteran care. Is that how we keep our unwritten Covenant?  Be there for us, and we will be there for you...

    Domestic areas require much help.

    The people of Iraq will also need much help.

    Waging war brings new responsibilities, vast  responsibilities.

    How we meet them is a measure of who we are.

From the New York Times and By JOHN F. BURNS: G.I. Who Pulled the Trigger Shares Anguish of 2 Deaths.

From the Toledo Blade, By KAREN MacPHERSON, and the AP Press: $2.2 trillion federal budget approved Cheney casts tie-breaking vote.

From the Chronicle and Leigh Strope, AP Labor Writer: Bush's plan for re-employment accounts gets pink slip in budget deal>

From the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans:National Coalition for Homeless Veterans: Background and Statistics.


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