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What next for Iraq and Saddam? and US

By Remy Benoit

   Amidst celebration there is war still raging.

   While statues and posters fall, the Coalition looks for Saddam.

   Alleged torture chambers are opened to world view.

   How will Iraq be ruled?

   Who will rule?

   Should there be trials for Iraq's fallen leadership on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity?

   These are some of today's views:
From Fox News and the AP Press:Marines Help Topple Statue; Residents Loot Baghdad.

From Fox News with Julie Asher: Lawmakers Want to Try Iraqi Leaders.

From CNN and Elise Labott:U.S. to host opposition meeting in Iraq From Elise Labott

From Le Monde and Carlos Fuentes: point of view The United States of Amnésie, by Carlos Fuentes THE WORLD|02.04.03|13h52.

From the Manchester Guardian:Is this the end?

From German Newspapers and UN News Center:Annan sees important UN role in post-conflict Iraq, names special adviser.

From and Steven Edwards: U.S. plans war crimes tribunal without UN Will work with 'a group of Iraqi jurists' Steven Edwards National Post.

For some views on the history of war crimes trials, see:

War crimes trials by Don Van Handel.

From bigchalk: the Education Network: War Crimes.

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School The Laws of War.

From the New York Times and Maureen Dowd: Dances With Wolfowitz.

And from a US Citizen: John Gilmore vs. John Ashcroft, Gilmore vs. John Ashcroft,


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