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Again, the Power  of Words

By Remy Benoit

   I know, again, again I mention the power of words.

   But with the 24/7 reporting we are beseiged with words.
   The thought occured to me that we tend to personify so many inanimate things around us:

   The kettle sang.

   The icy wind bit at his face.

   An yet we call those non-combatants who die in war "collateral damage," dehumanizing them.

   No one wants that to happen; no one wants non-combatants to perish, but they do. That is a fact of war.            

   We use catch words: Shock and Awe.

   What if we used the real words?

   What if the reporting dropped the euphemisms, the hype words?

   What if we paid attention to the insatiablity of war;  personified that as a hungry thing?

   War is harsh, war is cruel and fickle and terrible.

   Perhaps we should learn to call it what it is for all involved, for all truly are.


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