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Looking Toward Post War Iraq

By Remy Benoit

   As Coalition troops move into Baghdad there are various possibilities being discussed for the post war government.

   How much UN involvement should there be?

   What role will Iraqis play in running their country?

   Who will make up the new leadership of a country being brought into a new form of government?

   Emotions nationally and internationally will run high on this issue. What is its history; what is its future?
From the Washington Post and Karen DeYoung: Role for Exile Leaders Urged Rumsfeld Proposes Interim Authority In Southern Iraq.

From the BBC:Profile: Ahmed Chalabi.

For a number of articles on proposed plans/leaders visit:AlterNet.

From the New York Times - Editorial/Op-Ed and Nicholas D. Kristof:Iraq's Not Vietnam.

From the Boston Globe and Stephen Graham, AP:In turnaround, German foreign minister supports regime change in Iraq.

Project for the New American Century:New American Century: Statement of Principles.

From Yahoo Singapore.Finance and By Xu Yihe, Dow Jones Newswires: China Energy Watch: CNPC Fears Loss Of Iraq Oil Contract By Xu Yihe.

From the Manchester Guardian - Timeline - Day 16:Day 16 of the war.

From Norbert's Bookmarks for a Better World and links to anti-war, humanitarian links: Norbert's Bookmarks.


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