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FEMA/Mike Brown/Formaldehyde

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN Michael Brown on lawmaker: 'He can bite me'
Mississippi congressman, former FEMA director trade barbs.

From MSNBC, Mike Brunker, and Rising from the Ruins FEMA Trailers 'Toxic Tin Cans'?.

I sat here and read some of the comments to the above article.

First, we are so very grateful on the Gulf Coast to all who have so opened their hearts to us, including the State of Qatar $100M Qatar fund starts working on recovery.

The Qatar Katrina Relief Fund.

Secondly, recovery from a catastrophe of the proportions of Katrina takes a long, long time.

Let me ask this question - How many of you around the country are prepared for the idea of losing everything you have? What plan do you have in place to deal with that?

Most people are not prepared for even a week's survival without all the things, the conveniences to which we are accustomed. Are you one of them?

I cannot explain to you what it feels like to be living in a FEMA can, in the backyard, behind your gutted home, waiting on officialdom to get it right, so you can get it done.

Remember the old expression, 'There but for the grace of God go I.'

There are all kinds of 'natural catastrophes' - fire, wind, tornado, floods, hurricanes, tsunami.

Which one favors your area? How are you prepared to cope with it?

How much do you feel you can depend on the government to be there when you need them?

How many hours, days, are you ready to keep dialing a FEMA number that is busy?

If you are not prepared for catastrophe, please take a look at these two books. The levels of incompetence in crisis will astonish you.

Jed Horne Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City.

Douglas Brinkley The Great Deluge.

We live on a very fragile blue planet. We need to take better care of it, and each other.


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