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By Remy Benoit

Yesterday it rained, and rained, and rained here.

It was beautiful, it brought some balance to the drought thirsty land. Despite hours of rain, there is not a single puddle in evidence, so dry was the land.

The air this morning is wet, thick, expectant of the rain to come today.

The root of most of our personal troubles, the root of most of the trouble in the world, is a lack of balance and a lack of compassion, for others, for the planet itself.

We separate into 'them' and 'us.' Separation brings fear; fear often manifests in anger; anger manifests in war.

Sometimes we do not look ahead to consider the ripples caused by our actions. In that 'we" I include each and everyone of us, from each and every country.

From the New York Times, Neil MacFarquhar, and Common Dreams Across the Middle East, Sermons Critical of the U.S.

Perhaps we should listen carefully to sermons being preached here this Sunday. Listen for compassion; listen for the "separation"; listen for single note of finding a better way than death and destruction.

The level of hyprocrisy we live with is sometimes astonishing. We send our young to war, to learn, to live with, to fight with, the ultimate obscenity, and then the censors on TV find the words that are used to describe the experience as "offensive," profane. From the New York Times, Elizabeth Jensen, and Truthout Soldiers' Words May Test PBS Language Rules.

Please, wherever we are, whatever faith we follow, let us pray for some sense, some reason, some compassion, and a better way.


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