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Saturday Roundup

By Remy Benoit

It is a steamy Saturday morning in the Southland.

Part of New York City swelters with a lack of power. From the AP and CNN Blackouts darken, roast New York. The people there truly have our sympathy as we know after going for weeks without power from Katrina that it can be most unpleasant. Lots of people in Iraq, and now Lebanon, are sharing the discomfort of lack of power.

Seems some things are slipping through the net that shouldn't be. From MSNBC and Rich Gardella Report: DOD sells sensitive military equipment.

And more and more death claimed by the insatiable gods of war in Lebanon where it seems things will escalate. From the Washington Post, Edward Cody and Scott Wilson, and MSNBC History repeats itself in new conflict? Not quite.

From the Toronto Star and Tim Harper U.S. seeking more than quick fix: Rice.

From CNN Cyprus plea for help on evacuees.

From CBS
Israel Advances Into Lebanon.

Still the "pundits" are out there talking about World War III. They would put better use to air time to have diplomats ( are there any out there?) sit down at round tables, if they must, and try to find a way out of this. There are always possibilities other than war. Consider, "open covenants, openly arrived at." Still working toward that one, Mr. Wilson. What a novel idea to have people know just what agreements are running their lives, costing the destruction of their homes; costing the lives of their children, and themselves.

From the New York Times, David S. Cloud and Helene Cooper, and Truthout US Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis.

Before these "talking heads" so seemingly gleefully chant WWIII, they should go back and review the destruction of the first two. Their words are irresponsible, puerile, and war enhancing.

More US troops are going to Baghdad. Perhaps someone should note that fighting in the Middle East is very complex. Perhaps someone should have noted that before we started in Iraq. From the AP and More Troops Headed for Iraq.


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