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The fighting goes on

By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC and Martin Fletcher Witnessing the random violence of war.

From the AP and US Ramps Up Evacuation Plans.

For May and June, from the AP and Iraq Civilian Toll Spikes to Nearly 6,000.

From and Joe Galloway Cutting and Running.

From MSNBC, the Daily Nightly, and Brian Williams The View from Above.

From the AP and MSNBC Official: Afghan towns reclaimed from Taliban.

From Reuters, Adrian Croft, and Common Dreams Yo Bush! Blair Mocked as US Poodle.

From the AP, Mark Sherman, and Common Dreams Gonzales: Bush Blocked Eavesdropping Probe.

From Tom Paine, David C. Vladek Bush Does It In the Dark.

It is tedious to listen to "pundits" exclaiming this is World War III.

This is a time for reason, diplomacy, compromise.
Obliterating each other does not solve problems, it simply deepens and extends grievances, passing them on to yet another generation. Is that what we really want to do?

And from CNN and Lou Dobbs, his questions on perspectives Dobbs: Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East.


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