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Life in Iraq

By Remy Benoit

From Time and Aparisim Ghosh The Most Dangerous Name In Iraq.

From William Rivers Pitt and Truthout A Day in the Life.

From the New York Times, Edward Wong, and Truthout Brazen Daytime Violence Continues in Baghdad.

From the AP and GIs Were Killed Over Rape-Murders.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ron Martz, and Veterans for America War veterans denied GI Bill benefits.

War is ugly, we seem to like to deny that.
We seem to be unable on the homefront to face that.
Perhaps if we did, we could make less Veterans by
finding other ways.

Ilario Pantano Warlord : No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. I listened to this man speak last night with Jon Stewart. He has some things to say that need to be heard.

Tonight Jon will have John Dean as a guest who also has some important things for us to consider.
Conservatives Without Conscience. It is apparent from listening to John in other places that he has put enormous amounts of work into this book. What he also says needs to be heard. We have choices to make.

Down History Lane with Sinclair Lewis It Can't Happen Here. Keep in mind this was written in 1935 but like all good writing, it is timeless.


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