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Lousiana Recovery Oil Tax

By Remy Benoit

Louisiana Recovery Oil Tax.

I do not know if this is the answer, but you can read and decide for yourselves.

I do know that Louisiana and the Gulf Coast have serious problems, today, 10 months after Katrina. I know that Florida still has serious problems.

I do know that long range solutions need to be put into action.

I do know that New Orleans is hurting as are so many other places here.

We need to pull together. We need the best representation we can get. We need to put input into recovery. We need to make our needs heard by our representatives.

Promises are fine. Mea culpas of culpability for disaster, like promises, are meaningless unless corrective action is taken.

And one other thing. We are in a serious drought.
There are fire bans all over. Respect them. Watch where you toss cigarettes. The home you save may be your own.

We are the Gulf Coast. We need to make our voices heard. The country needs our rivers, our port. We need our homes, our jobs, our lives back.

Our sympathies to those who are suffering now from flood waters. With all of us, we never know when disaster will strike, or how it will gouge out our hearts.

From Soldiers Magazine and Katrina Lessons Learned.


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