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Internet in Jeopardy

By Remy Benoit

The Internet is a valuable tool that can help bring people together; that can help people around the world to communicate, share their cultures, develop mutual understanding.

The Internet is not the playground of the big corporations. It is in jeopardy of becoming just that. Let Congress know how you feel.

From CNN and Craig Newmark Commentary: Keep the Internet neutral, fair and free.

In a recent CNN poll, 93% of those responding felt that Congress is not dealing with the real problems of this country.
We are facing real problems: war, a working exit strategy from Iraq; Iran and nuclear weapons, our country and nuclear weapons; ecological catastrophe ( at present, here, with temps in the high 90's, we are still suffering a drought, currently, about 16 inches low on rain for this time of year).

It is interesting that Al Gore's, An Inconvenient Truth, is breaking public attendance records, but Congress does not seem to "be there" either in adequately accepting that there even is a problem.

There are still blue roofs in Florida from two years ago; the Gulf Coast and New Orleans are suffering ongoing nightmares from Katrina. The Crescent City is losing 2/3 of the water it is pumping each day from leaking pipes; businesses are going down the drain.

Our entire educational system needs overhauling as it is painfully out of date.

We have so much outsourced that jobs here are difficult to find, especially if you are "not young anymore." The minimum wage is unliveable, even with two minimum wage jobs. Shame on us.

Our health care system needs overhauling and a national health plan needs research, development, and implementation.

We are fuel dependent on other countries.

We have not yet seemed to realize that we need diplomats who are well versed in the language, customs, traditions, and religions of other countries. Words are full of power; if we do not understand what people mean by the words they are using, we will never come to understand each other. Appointing people to positions for which they are not prepared is catastrophic. We saw that in the aftermath of Katrina. All the buck passing and mea culpas on the planet will not restore homes and lives to people.

We make more Veterans each and everyday and do not provide the funds to take care of the wounds of war that they carry. Shame on us.

And yet, and yet, the Congress is not listening to us as to what areas need tending. This country is not about corporations, it is about ideas, ideals, and the people. That seems to be backburnering, while important issues are being fried by neglect, and servicing of big corporations.

Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of a democracy. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, are the framework for that freedom. If we let corporations decided who goes where, when, and how to what websites, we are allowing restrictions on that freedom, abetting the weakening of our own principle body of laws.

Wake up, America. Use your voice. Elected representatives are answerable to you; not you to them. The Internet can spread your voice. Click, point, send, or call and keep doing it until representatives of your will start listening.

From The New York Times Editorial and Truthout Blind Man's Bluff.

From Truthout, A Film by Rebecca MacNeice Go Tell It On the Mountain.

By the way, Social Security Numbers were never to be used for anything but Social Security. Gee, my Granny used to tell me, "Never say never."


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