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Democrats: Frozen in Place?

By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC, Newsweek, and Michael Hirsh Fear of Failing How can the Democrats win if the party is scared of its own shadow?.

Maybe those in Congress should read some history.

Maybe we do need some "Dollar a Year Men." They were paid, businessmen, a dollar a day during wartime to get the nation through its peril.

Maybe we need the welfare of the nation put ahead of self-gain, campaign promises, pork-barreling, and golden parachutes.

Maybe we need to FOCUS on the long range realities, and possible solutions to, the problems we refuse to face now; the problems, debts, and pain we are building up as a negative legacy to our children and their children.

Maybe each and everyone of us, including the Senators and the Congressmen, need to stand up and say what, precisely, we stand for.

We can start with supporting The Constitution, Separation of Powers; we can start with alleviating the horrors of war, hunger, poverty, and, oh yes, our mistreatment of our natural ecology.

Maybe we can actually do something instead of bickering and posturing.


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