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Memorial Day Weekend

By Remy Benoit

It is the Memorial Day Weekend.

It is a time for remembering, for honoring, those who have given so much over so many years to protect our Freedom, our Constitution.

How much blood has been spilt, how many lives shattered by physical, mental, spiritual wounds to protect Freedom?

That is a question our lawmakers should be asking themselves, honoring before they make new legislation, before they are cavalier with the Balance of Power inherent in the Constitution, in the Freedom, that has had such a high blood price.

That is a question our business leaders should be asking themselves before they cut deals to enrich themselves at the cost of Americans.

War is ugly.

We send them off to fight with parades, with ribbons, with cheers, but where are we when they come home?

From the Los Angeles Times, David Zucchino, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press His photo is an icon, his life a shambles.


Memorial Day has a long tradition as it attempts to apologize for the death of human beings who sacrificed their lives attempting to protect others who live in this great country of ours. Freedom is a complex concept. As those who leave this country to reorganize and protect the rights of others in a foreign country, there are aspects of this process which need further exploration. What are the values of the Peace Corps? Missionaries? and even the Embassy? Have we really thought about other methods of some creative communication to limit the violence in the world? Greed, Mean Thinking, Corruption, disconnection to Kindness and Empathy are all here on this planet. The human species appears to be especially susceptible to these evils. But like any disease, the struggle to invent a formula to eradicate it, needs intelligent, imaginative, concerned world citizens. Why we have taken to War as the ultimate solution to maintain Freedom is still a question to which I have no answer. The future of the human species really depends upon coming up with other alternatives which, if they work, will truly give meaning to why we should be celebrating Memorial Day.

Posted by: abeck, at 2006-05-27 14:30:48

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