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It's Nagin

By Remy Benoit

From, The Times Picayune, Gordon Russell, Frank Donze,and Michelle Krupa IT'S NAGIN 'It's time for us to be one New Orleans'.

Perhaps the Mayor's office should have a duplicate set of keys for the city's school buses for evacuation purposes?

From Time and Cathy Booth Thomas/NEW ORLEANS Is New Orleans Ready for Hurricane Season?.

From MSNBC, Rising from the Ruins, Bob Sullivan Not Just Any Graduation.

Perhaps now that the election in New Orleans is over, the press can get to some heavy investigative reporting as to conditions from Lakeview, through all the neighborhoods down through Chalmette and ask why things are still in the state they are.

Perhaps questions can be asked about insurance problems here; who is paying up; who isn't, and why whole areas, whole parishes, are having problems getting coverage.

Not only would deep investigative reportage help the Gulf Coast, it would help any other area in advance of catastrophe to know where problems might arise.

And do take Dr.Dwayne Thomas's, CEO of Charity Hospital, caution as true - BE prepared to take care of yourself.

Perhaps for crisis situations we need a new Roosevelt's Tree Army: Civilian Conservation Corps. and a new Works Progress Administration.

For those of you who are unaware, there are still blue roofs in Florida too. New England has been warned about the possibility of a serious hurricane.

BE prepared - starting now. And, please, do share your thoughts, your experiences, with catastrophic weather to help others.

From Global Security, Hurricane Pam.


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