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Thursday in the News

By Remy Benoit

From CNN Three U.S. soldiers die in Iraq blasts.

From CNN and Lou Dobbs Dobbs to president: Do you take us for fools?.

From USA Today and Leslie Cauley NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls.

From The Washington Post, Jim VandeHei and Peter Baker, and MSNBC Hard-core conservatives fleeing BushÂ’s side.

From Common Dreams and Jeff Cohen Hillary, Rupert, and the Culture of Corruption.

From the AP, ABC and Andrew Taylor Senate Slates Vote on $70B Tax Cut Bill. So, where ya'll gonna spend your $46 since most of us don't bring in a million so we can't save the $42,000 in tax breaks they will?

From the AP and Reserve Chief Criticizes Pentagon.

From Reuters Putin makes veiled warning over Iran military strike.

From the Chicago Tribune, Jim Stratton Bush admits `disquiet' in nation President also says brother is definitely Oval Office material.

From the AP and CNN Katrina-stricken parish starts tearing down homes.

From Live Science and Robert Roy Britt 2006 Hurricane Prediction Issued; Forecasting Guru Bill Gray Steps Aside.


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